About Us

May is for Mother’s Day, June is for Father’s Day and July is for Super Parent’s! Super Parent Day (SPD) is an annual celebration that culminates in a day of full family fun, performances, and community resources. The holiday was formed to honor and support “Super Parents” everywhere.  But what exactly is a Super Parent?   A Super Parent is what is commonly known as a “Single Parent”. It is a person who assumes the primary responsibility in raising their child, with or without an accompanying co-parent.  Though their journey may be riddled with difficulties, they are resilient, denounce defeat, engage and invests in their community, and raise their child with grace and dignity. To mislabel a Super Parent with the mere title of a “Single Parent” is grossly deficient and is void of respect that they truly deserve. In 2012 a group of parents got together and formed the SPD Board to ensure that there is an annual event that gives the appropriate reverence due to that of a Super Parent.   The goal of SPD is not only to celebrate Super Parents, but to provide an environment where families can receive pertinent resources while also being entertained. Each year that day consists of vendors that provide a service or provides an informational booth, multiple Super Parent awards presented by Congressman Ami Bera, performances from local community groups, and an assortment of recreational activities that encourages physical activity and promotes healthy living for the parents and children.  SPD was founded by Kim Stephens and is sponsored by The Stephens Foundation, a newly formed nonprofit that partners with existing businesses and organizations, creates original programs, and hosts community events to further provide access to community resources for families.  We celebrate and honor family and community! It’s a Super Parent Day CELEBRATION!! All are WELCOME!